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09 November 2022
LH Bank moves forward to digital platform and highlights "Profita and LHB You"


LH Bank moves forward to digital platform and highlights "Profita and LHB You"
to address all comprehensive investment and financial lifestyles by opening a venue to search for the best investor
via Profita by LH Bank Mutual Fund Tournament with the prize worth over Baht 1.5 million.

        LH Bank is transforming to become a digital platform to respond to all integrated financial and investment lifestyles, highlighting the “Profita and LHB You” to deliver good experiences beyond expectation to the customers and support all investment and financial lifestyles. The application aims at 400% increase in new users within 5 years. Profita by LH Bank Mutual Fund Tournament is open for elite investors to build up their portfolios and generate yields during November 14, 2022 - February 28, 2023 in order to win an electric vehicle from BYD and other prices with the total value of over Baht 1.5 million.

        Ms. Chompoonoot Pathomporn, Chief Executive Officer and President of Land and Houses Bank PLC. (LH Bank), disclosed that LH Bank aimed to be the bank with sustainable growth and transformed towards full digital transformation to enhance the competitiveness and support all the needs and lifestyles of customers under Customer Centric concept that centers around customers. Moreover, the bank has tailored good products and services suitable for clients in all segments.

        To deliver good experiences to customers, the bank has designed the Profita and LHB You to better serve the customers with faster and more convenient access to financial and investment services anywhere, anytime with accurate and precise information. The bank also placed the great emphasis on the stability and security of information in line with the Bank of Thailand and other international standards. Furthermore, the bank developed a digital platform to accommodate customers’ businesses such as Digital Trade Finance and Cash Management Online, etc.

        Mr. Kelvin Yoong Tao Foo, Chief Retail Banking Officer, stated that Thai people used more than 100 million phone numbers, more than the entire population of 70 million with growing trend, similarly to the behaviors of using financial services through digital channels. In the past 5 years, many Thai people turned to mobile banking up to 70% and online spending surged for more than 90%. More interestingly, Buy Now Pay Later program rose up to 120% while the number of people used services at the branch lowered by 27%. Thus, in order to catch up with the changing behaviors of customers, LH Bank decided to develop better financial and investment products and services in digital platform to cover all customers’ needs. The bank targeted to grow digital customer base of 400% in the next 5 years.

        Mr. Kelvin added that the Profita and LHB You applications would be the key engine in driving digital strategies for customer base expansion. Recently, the bank has rolled out the new digital savings deposit product which was well accepted by customers due to easy account opening through application with attractive interests. The development of LHB You would help customers do their transaction with more convenience with One Stop Shop without visiting any branch. Furthermore, the Profita application fulfilled the needs of investors for mutual fund investment in support for advancing to become professional investors. Besides, the bank has expanded the channels for cardless withdrawal. Currently, the bank’s customers can use cardless withdrawal at any SCB and BAAC ATM which continued creating the experiences beyond expectation.

        Mr. Peerapatana Ketboonchoo, Executive Vice President of Retail Digital and Transformation, supplemented that the unique feature of LHB You application was that it allowed customers to try a new experience of mobile banking by having fun with Avatar 24 Characters that showed client’s uniqueness through know yourself test for financial planning and automatic update on customers’ AUM such as cash, fund, sub-debt, bond, insurance, crypto and discover new experience in purchasing all types of products and services. Register for the personal loan service and receive ready-to-use credit anywhere any time and you can select the type of payments, either pay now or buy now pay later.

        The Profita application is packed with various functions and full features such as fund comparison up to         15 funds, daily news, fund analysis and real time profit and loss alert. In addition, Profita makes your life a lot easier and more confident with investments in outstanding funds selected by LH Bank advisory team with expertise in selecting top performing funds from various fund companies with world class information and the highlight of Profita ROBO Advisor which will be your genius investment personal assistant with various features such as selecting 3 investment plans including life plan, growth plan and expert thematic plan. Furthermore, you can choose the return according to risks by picking up funds that you want to invest, selecting manual or automatic portfolio rebalancing, investing on your own or DCA or selling at your desired price.

        In this regard, the bank will organize the Profita by LH Bank Mutual Fund Tournament to find the best investor with the highest return from investing through Profita, The prizes value at Baht 1.5 million including:
  • Electric vehicle by BYD worth Baht 1.2 million for the investor who has the highest return rate throughout the competition
  • Samsung Galaxy Flip 4, Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and iPhone 14 for investors who earn the highest return in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd month
  • Baht 5,000 gift vouchers for investors who are the 2nd-10th top gainers in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd month
        Customers and interested parties can join the competition by getting registered and making investments through Profita application from November 14, 2022 - February 28, 2023.

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