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22 February 2023
LH Bank Enhances its Digital Platform Services


        LH Bank Enhances its Digital Platform Services
Launching "LHB You" application, a new friend who understands you, together with a
“digital savings account "B-You Max", offering a high interest rate of 6.00% per year
Get FREE! LH Bank debit card and its fee throughout lifetime


        Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited or LH Bank has rolled out LHB You, a smarter lifestyle banking application, standing out like no others with Avatar Profile that allows you to create your own Avatar identity according to your personal financial lifestyle. This service delivers an intuitive financial experience which is fast and convenient, proactively penetrating the new generation customer base and ready to launch a digital savings account "B-YOU MAX" with a maximum interest rate of 6.00% per annum. Get FREE! LH Bank debit card and its fees throughout lifetime.

        Ms. Chompoonoot Pathomporn, Chief Executive Officer and President of Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited or LH Bank, revealed that with the current trend of lifestyles, the digital world has played a key role in daily life. We can no longer do our transactions in the traditional mode, so LH Bank continues to elevate the service capability on digital platforms in order to deliver a good financial experience and meet the needs of customers under the customer centric concept by taking the customers as the center. In this regard, LH Bank has launched "LHB You" application that comes with an avatar design that customers can choose to design an avatar according to their personal financial lifestyle as well as modern features to meet all financial lifestyles, easy to use, anytime, anywhere, and opted to reach out the new generation customer base.

        “LHB You” application helps you find your own financial planning experiences that will lead you into a new and unique financial world with flexible financial management, more convenient and full service of your transactions on “LHB You” application without visiting a branch. Address your smarter financial needs with the following features.
  • Avatar Profile allows you to create your own Avatar according to your own financial lifestyle.
  • Favorite function that is user’s friendly with Portfolio menu
  • Real-time balance allows you to view your account balance on the main page without log in
  • Functions to manage debit card by yourself, such as personalization of limit, card cancellation

        In addition, customers can easily adjust their daily limit per account, such as unlimited transfer between their own accounts and other transaction limits up to Baht 2,000,000.

        Mr. Kelvin Foo, Chief Retail Banking Officer, added that apart from launching the LHB You application with features that meet every lifestyle, LH Bank also encourages the new generation to save money and plan their finances for future goals and stable financial growth. LH Bank, therefore, launches B-You Max Digital Savings with maximum interest rate of 6.00% per annum, free debit card and free debit card fees throughout lifetime. The minimum account balance is only Baht 2,000, easy to open an account via the LHB You, for new customers who open an account from 22 February to 30 April 2023 or until the total deposit amount for the campaign reaches Baht 200 million.

BU Max Digital Savings Account Interest Rates
  • <10,000 Baht                                           6.00% per annum
  • >10,000 <100 million Baht                           0.25% per annum

        LHB You can be downloaded from App Store for iOS version 11.0 or higher and Google Play Store for Android version 6.0 or higher. For more information, please contact any branches of LH Bank or call 1327 or visit