Security Policy

Security Policy

  • Security Policy of the bank

    Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited realizes the importance of internet security by introducing modern technology and testing the performance of the system regularly as to increase customers’ confidence on security. However, the system of the bank alone is not sufficient for internet security, it also relies on the systems of  customers. As a result, customers can visit our website, look for our products and services, and search for information relating to the bank with confidence. 

  • Data Collected and Stored by the Bank

    The bank has stored your information for your purpose or benefit according to the law only. Such information will be collected and stored when you and the bank has business contacts, or according to the bank’s regulations. It will be kept confidential with high technology according to the measure to prevent the leakage of customers’ data in compliance with international security standards.

  • Disclosure of Third Party’s Information

    Customers’ data collected and stored by the bank, the bank does not have the policy to disclose personal data to third party except:

    1. Such information is beneficial for you to process any transaction with the bank as desired.
    2. The bank receives the request from a customer to disclose it or a customer gives the bank a consent to disclose it to third parties.
    3. Upon request or legal order from relevant government agencies