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Message from the Chairman
In 2021, Thai economy was profoundly affected by COVID-19 pandemic and its new variants which spread faster. As a result, Thai economy, which heavily relied on tourism sector, recovered at a slower pace.

In 2022, Thai economy is expected to recover with supporting factors from the recovery of domestic demand and manufacturing sector, the recovery of tourism sector under the policy of opening the country, substantial expansion of export sector including government budget disbursement. However, there may still be risk factors such as unpredictability of COVID-19 outbreak situation, high household debt, and impact from the constraints in the production and international logistics chains, and labor shortages including global economic and financial volatility.

In 2021, LH Financial Group Public Company Limited's financial business group grew stronger due to the additional acquisition of its shares by CTBC Bank on September 8, 2021, making CTBC Bank the major shareholder of the company, holding a total of 46.61% of the total issued shares. CTBC Bank realizes the opportunities to enhance competitiveness and growth of the financial business group.

In 2022, Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited’s main strategy is to utilize digital banking capabilities and expertise in providing services with CTBC Bank's comprehensive financial solution platform, which will jointly develop digital infrastructure and platform to enhance the bank's competitiveness and accelerate its profitable business expansion. Having a good business partner and focusing on becoming a professional financial advisor as well as rapidly expanding the customer base by delivering comprehensive products and services such as credit products, deposits, trade finance, life insurance and non-life insurance and investment that meets the needs of customers in order to provide customers with the best services. These services include the provision of continued assistance to corporate and retail debtors affected by COVID-19 pandemic so that customers can continue their business, which will result in better economy in the country.

The Board of Directors places the great importance to good corporate governance and management with honesty, and encourages the bank to adhere to the compliance guidelines on market conduct and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Finally, the bank would like to thank our valued customers, shareholders and all stakeholders, employees, public and private financial institutions and government agencies for their trust and continued support that they have placed in Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited.