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Message from the Chairman
        In 2022, the Thai economy showed the signs of improvement with a myriad of supporting factors, especially a recovery in private consumption and tourism sector as the COVID-19 pandemic eased and the international travel restrictions were relaxed, resulting in a rising number of foreign tourist arrivals.

        The trends for 2023, Thai economy will continue its recovery path, buoyed by a continued recovery in the tourism sector, sound expansion in private consumption and increasing private investment, mainly in machinery and construction. Meanwhile, the export sector is expected to grow at a slower pace in accordance with a slowdown in demand from the major partner countries. However, there are other downside risks to Thailand's economic recovery that must be monitored, such as concerns about the recovery of household income and vulnerable business sectors; tightening monetary policy in major countries, particularly the United States and the European Union; and geopolitical risks stemming primarily from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine that may cause food and energy insecurity and global supply chain shortages.

        Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited has a vision to be a bank that delivers great experiences to customers beyond their expectations through innovations, products, services and advisory with quality. In 2023, key strategies of the bank are to grow high yield portfolio with balanced risk management, expand customer bases, cross sell products of the financial business group, enhance digital capabilities, digital transformation and effective work processes by applying technologies and data analytics. The bank places the importance on sustainable banking by focusing on sustainable growth by conducting business with the accountabilities on environmental, society and governance together with good corporate governance principles. Moreover, the bank also provides continued assistance to customers affected by COVID-19 pandemic so that they can continue their businesses, which will result in better economy for the country.

        The Board of Directors gives the top priority to good corporate governance and transparent management, and encourages the company to adhere to the compliance guidelines on market conduct and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Finally, the bank would like to thank our valued customers, shareholders and all stakeholders, employees, public and private financial institutions and government agencies for their trust and continued support that they have placed in Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited.