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Message from CEO and President
        Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited continued to deliver relatively strong business growth thanks to the efforts of all colleagues and strong support from our Board of Directors. As a result, the bank had the satisfactory net profit in 2023. Our retail and wholesale customer base continued to grow in the direction we have planned and our revenue mix continued to diversify with new products and services.

        In addition, CTBC Bank, the largest private bank in Taiwan and the parent company of Land and Houses financial business group, provides strong support for LH Financial Group Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries so that they can enhance their overall business as well as risk management, products and services’ competitiveness and cross-border banking services with CTBC international network across 14 countries. These together provide a solid foundation for our future growth. Since our market share is still small, room for our growth is enormous. Therefore, we will continue to have the ambitious business growth plans.

        Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited has managed its internal resources to be environmentally friendly in order to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through various projects such as say no to plastic campaign, waste separation, mangrove forest conservation project, changing petrol cars to hybrids, etc. These are our critical missions to get ready to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality and strive to be an organization with net zero greenhouse gas emission (Net Zero Emission) in the future. In addition, the bank gives priority to improving the quality of life for the surrounding communities and societies, for instance, promoting education through the "LH Bank Scholarship Project to assist youths in need to have the opportunity to complete their high school, “Learning Library” to instill reading habits in juveniles and We are Family… RUN for LIFE Project to encourage our employees to engage in social activities and promote good health by "running" together as to convert mileage into donations to the Foundation for Slum Child Care.

        We are very grateful for the supports from our valuable customers, trade partners, regulators and shareholders. On behalf of the bank, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all stakeholders another healthy and prosperous year ahead. As we continue to aim for ambitious growth, we look forward to your continuous support and trust going forward.