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Motor Insurance : Type 1
Motor Insurance : Type 1

Product name   

Motor Insurance Type 1


A comprehensive car insurance policy which covers all types of damage involved in an accident i.e. the damage caused to the insured, insured’s vehicle, and third parties (property and people).

Highlight Features

  1. The most comprehensive of car insurance
  2. Eligible discount up to 30% in case of qualified transfer business
  3. 24-hours Accident Hotline
Underwriting guideline 
  1. Type of vehicle :
    1. Sedan not more than 7 seats (code 110)
    2. Pick Up not more than 4 tons (code 320)
  2. For personal use only (excluding rental or hire vehicle)
  3. Age of vehicle :
    1. 1-5 years for dealer garage in case of unnamed driver and 2-5 year in case of named driver.
    2. 2-9 years for contract garage.
  4. Excluded vehicles e.g. vehicle use for rent or hire, modified vehicle, supercar, lowered or lifted vehicle, public bus or public van, siren car or rescued car and also exclude for test drive and demo car.
  5. No coverage for special equipment such as freezer, special type of colour, any type of sticker, Kevlar or any type of coating.
  6. Sum insured is 80% of market value of the vehicle with standard accessories (we extent coverage for any type of accessories which the insured was declared within limit of 20,000 THB)

Underwritten by 

Chubb Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited


Land and House Bank Public Company Limited is an insurance broker who presents the insurance products and facilitate the payment of premium only.  Chubb Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited is responsible for the coverage and benefits by the insurance policy.


Please ensure you read carefully and understand the insurance coverages and conditions prior to making a decision.

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