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Message from Chief Executive Officer and President
        2022 was the year that the global economy and Thai economy experienced the fluctuations aring from exchange rate, interest rate and inflation, caused by the adaptation in the time of COVID-19 pandemic that has begun to subside. The bank has introduced technology and innovations to enhance service efficiency and increase customer convenience. The use of digital technology includes the development and improvement of financial applications for customers to use as tools for financial transactions and investments by adhering to customer centric concept. For example, investment services through the Profita application which provides a broad spectrum of information useful for investments, and comparison of fund performance for making decisions. In addition, clients can invest through ROBO, which helps them create and rebalance their investment portfolios that suit their individual objectives. In addition, the bank has adopted the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enhance work efficiency and reduce the process to serve customers effectively.

        The bank has significant growth in housing loans, corporate loans, SME loans and Trade Finance loans. Moreover, Taiwanese customers have been referred to the bank with the support from CTBC Bank, Taiwan's leading commercial bank and the parent company of Land and Houses financial business group.

        Although the year 2022 was the year of economic downturns, the bank has maintained healthy business growth from operating the business according to the guidelines mentioned above. As a result, the bank posted interest and fee income growth of 11 percent, net profit growth of 58 percent, loan growth of 23 percent, while non-performing loan ratio (NPL) dropped to 2.2 percent, and NPL coverage ratio surged to 221 percent.

        The bank has been conducting its business by adhering to good corporate governance principles, social responsibilities and placing the priority on the development of education. In this regard, the bank has been supporting education through granting scholarships under the “LH Bank Supports Scholarships” project for juveniles in need to have the opportunity to continue their studies until high school and "Learning Library" to create an atmosphere in the library to be an attractive place to study and promote reading habits, which is the starting point of inculcating a learning culture.

        The bank would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers, shareholders, business partners and stakeholders for their confidence and trust on us. The bank and employees are committed to driving financial business coupled with adaptation in an era of rapid change by joining forces to enhance the value-added services, business operations according to corporate governance principles for the best interests of shareholders, business partners, customers and stakeholders in order to become a sustainable bank.