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Pro-Fit Digital Savings
Pro-Fit Digital Savings
Pro-Fit Digital Savings is a savings account with no passbook that gives the interest from the first Baht till 3 million, less condition and no limit. Account can be opened any time through LH Bank M Choice Mobile Banking Application.
Key Features
  • The minimum initial deposit for account opening is THB 2,000 and deposit within at the end of account opening date.
  • The minimum balance is THB 2,000.
  • The customers cannot be able to withdrawal/transfer transactions until the account balance less than THB 2,000, except withdrawal for account close only.
  • If the account balance is 0 THB from the account opening date for a period of 30 days. The Bank will be close account automatically.
  • Required mobile number and E-Mail Address to receive E-mail notification.
  • Statements can be retrieved via LH Bank M Choice.
  • For Thai individuals aged 15 years old and over
  • Open an account under individuals (No joint account is allowed.)
  • Interest rate on media refers to the rate of the bank. Current interest rate can be checked via the bank’s website Click
  • Conditions and interest rate refers to the announcement of the bank.
  • Pro-Fit Digital Savings is protected by DPA in full as prescribed by law
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Sales Sheet - Pro-Fit Digital Savings

Announcement on 12 January 2022

Pro-Fit Digital Savings Manual

Announcement on 12 October 2021

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Tier เงินฝาก
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