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Happy Home Loan
Product Features and Advantages
This lending product enables you to get your new home through buying a new one, with many special offers.
  • Granted loan amount maximum 100% of either purchase price or appraised value, whichever is lower*
  • Attractive loan interest with a variety of interest rates, and you can pay more than monthly payment amount without any additional expenses **
Repayment Duration
  • Up to 40-year loan tenor or 70-year age of borrower, whichever is earlier.
Payment Channels
  • Direct repayment at any Land and Houses bank branches

  • Counter payment of any branches of other banks, such as Siam Commercial Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Thanachart Bank and Kasikorn Bank.

  • Automatic transfer from a LH Bank’s savings account

  • LH Bank M Choice (Mobile Banking Application)

Type of Fees Fee Rate

 Expenses for Collateral Inspection and Valuation

2,500 baht (excluding VAT) for Bangkok and surroundings, excluding any traveling expense (if applicable)

  Revenue Stamp 

 0.05% of loan amount

  Fire Insurance Premium  

  As stipulated by the insurance company

 Pre Payment Fee (in case of refinance within 3 years)

 3% of remaining principle


Remark : 

* For Horizontal (Single house, Town house) 95% Housing Loan + 5% Personal Loan and 5% granted MRTA which using the same Housing loan interest rate.
 For Vertical (Condominium, Room Unit) 90% Housing Loan + 10% Personal Loan and 5% granted MRTA which using the same Housing loan interest rate.

** Except a case of refinance, a fee will be calculated as stipulated by the Bank.

Buying insurance through the bank has no effect on loan approval. Customers can select other Insurance companies by either from Insurance companies itself or by the banassurance.
Terms and conditions are as stipulated by the Bank.

สินเชื่อบ้านรีไฟแนนซ์-2-(4).jpgFor more information,
Please contact our branches or
Call our Contact Center at 1327.

1. บมจ.ชับบ์ สามัคคีประกันภัย           
2. บมจ.สินมั่นคงประกันภัย      
3. บมจ. จรัญประกันภัย
4. บมจ.ทิพยประกันภัย                         
5. บมจ.กรุงไทยพานิชประกันภัย          
6. บมจ. วิริยะประกันภัย


Required Documents


Personal Details (Borrower, Co-borrower and Spouse)

  1. A copy of identification card / civil servant card (of the borrower and the borrower’s spouse, if any)

  2. A copy of house registration record (of the borrower and the borrower’s spouse, if any)

  3. A copy of marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate (of the borrower’s spouse, if any), name/ surname change certificate (if any)

Income Evidence

Individuals with Salary-based Income

  1. A salary certificate and salary slip

  2. An updated 6-month bank statement (individual account)

  3. Proofs of financial status / assets / vehicle registrations / title deeds (if any)


  1. A copy of incorporation certificate trade registration certificate(not more than three months old)

  2. A copy of shareholders certificate (not more than three months old)

  3. A copy of memorandum and articles of association

  4. A withholding tax form / personal income tax return form / value added tax return (P.P. 30) with receipts within the last 6 months (if any)

Proof of collateral

  1. A copy of collateral ownership documents, such as a title deed, condominium title deed.

  2. Building ownership documents, such as a contract of land sale (T.D.13), contract of land gift (T.D.14)

  3. A copy of settlement agreement and down payment slips (if applicable)

  4. Maps showing the locations of the collateral in brief

Installment for normal interest rate : month
Installment period
Interest Rate
% Year
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